Bronx Urban Farmer, Karen Young-Washington, Wins $10k In National Contest

Karen Young-Washington accepting her award/image via facebook.
Karen Young-Washington accepting her award/image via facebook.

Karen Young-Washington, an urban farmer from The Bronx has just won $10,000 in a national voting contest held by NationSwell to help further the work her organization, Rise and Root Farm.

An AllStar Award Nominee favorite, Karen has been one of the local pioneers and leaders in urban farming in our communities serving as a role model which everyone in our borough can look up to.

Young-Washington accepted the award, “…on behalf of all the movers, the shakers, the farmers, the Black farmers, the female farmers, the aging farmers, the new farmers, the community gardeners, and everyone who works to make a difference in her neighborhood.” according to Rise and Root Facebook page.

Congratulations to all the hard work she has done to make a difference in our communities and continues to do—we knew she could do it! So proud to know that one of our many unsung heroes gets recognized!

If you missed what Karen had to say in her NationSwell video, check it out below:

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