Former City Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo Abandons District For $200k+ Job

During her tenure as City Councilwoman, Maria del Carmen Arroyo often found herself in this stance defending herself in court/Image via Daily News by Greg B. Smith
During her tenure as City Councilwoman, Maria Del Carmen Arroyo often found herself in this stance defending herself in court/Image via Daily News by Greg B. Smith

Money talks.

After announcing her resignation from City Council late November to be effective December 31, 2015, Maria del Carmen Arroyo cited her decision was due to her wanting to dedicate time to “pressing family needs.”

Well the scandal plagued former Councilwoman seems to have been eyeing a deal in the private sector that has almost doubled to a $220,000 per year salary as Acacia Network’s new vice president of administration according to Capital New York.

The article quotes Arroyo as saying:

“I am excited to start a new chapter in my professional career,” Arroyo said in a statement. “I am honored to join an organization with extensive experience in working with the community, and I look forward to working with the team in addressing the profound needs of our population.”

So much for attending to pressing family matters as she said when she first announced her resignation.

With so many scandals constantly following her around perhaps it was safer to leave position as a City Councilwoman and enter the private sector lest she falls through route of other Bronx and city politicians who end up serving time due to corruption.

Many would come to her defense saying that it was always a witch hunt but scandals don’t just follow you around.

At any rate, for me and many in the community who I’ve interacted with during the past few days, “good riddance.”

As a result of her jumping ship, a special election will be held next month, February 23rd to fill the vacancy she left during a critical time in the district and borough’s history as The Bronx faces ever encroaching gentrification.

It’s a crowded race with at least 7 who have declared they’re running for the seat including Julio Pabon who challenged her in 2013 where he took a chunk out of her usually uncontested races by garnering over 30% of the votes.

During that election she was taken to court for voter fraud as there were numerous falsified signatures on the petitions for election including listing then Yankee Derek Jeter and supermodel Kate Moss as living in Hunts Point.

As usual, she got off the hook with a little slap on the wrists thanks to attorney Stanley Schlein, guardian of all that is corrupt in Bronx politics.

And as per usual, others are now facing jail time instead of her.

Also running for the seat besides Julio Pabon are:

  • Helen Foreman-Hines who works at 1199 SEIU
  • Rev J. Loren Russell, a local resident and reverend (clearly)
  • Joann Otero, Chief of staff for the former councilwoman Arroyo
  • Amanda Septimo, staff member for Congressman Jose E. Serrano
  • Anthony Sanchez, Director of Business Development at Human Resources Administration
  • Last but not least the corrupt Bronx Democratic Political machine’s handpicked Rafael Salamanca, District Manager of Community Board 2.
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