A Riot of Color Awaits As the Orchids Are Back in ‘Orchidelirium’ at The New York Botanical Garden!


This year’s Orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden, ‘Orchidelirium‘ is just a riot of color in all shapes and sizes.

From tiny orchids the size of a mosquito to the larger, more “traditional” ones we’re used to seeing, NYBG’s 14th annual orchid show delivers not just a visual feast for the senses but one chock full of knowledge and tales of conquests by the hunters who discovered some of these species.

The stories you’ll read along the orchid trail are the stuff of legends and movies and hark from the late 19th-century craze that swept Victorian England.

Compared to last year’s show, which was pretty spectacular with the many orchid chandeliers, this one is even more special filled with so much color.


As with many of NYBG’s exhibitions, Orchidelirium is packed with programming for all to enjoy from poetry, art, and music, to the famous and popular Orchid Evenings where you can enjoy some cocktails as you stroll through the landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory while taking in the splendor of all that is Orchidelerium. There’s even a special LGBT Orchid Evening on Thursday, March 24th.

The show is open from now until April 17th so go ahead and make some plans to visit the New York Botanical Garden and experience some ‘Orchidelirium’!


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Ed García Conde

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