Dyre Ave Platform on 5 Line Collapses; Miraculously No Injuries Reported


At about 7:30PM, a 30 to 40 foot section of the Dyre Avenue Station platform collapsed bringing service to a halt.

The collapse at the busy terminus on the 5 line surprisingly left no one injured as reported by the media. Considering the heavy use of the station as commuters return home, it’s a miracle no one was injured or killed in the incident.

As expected, there will be no service between Dyre Ave and E 180th Street until further notice so commuters should plan accordingly for tomorrow in case service isn’t restored.

Pix11 recommends the following:

For service to Morris Park and Pelham Pkwy, take the No. 2  to Pelham Pkwy and transfer to the BX12 bus.

For service to Gun Hill Rd, take the No. 2  to Gun Hill Rd, transfer to the BX28 or BX38 bus.

For service to Baychester Av, take the No. 2  to Gun Hill Rd, transfer to the BX30 bus.

For service to Dyre Av, take the  No. 2 to Nereid Av, transfer to the BX16 bus.

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