Erroneous NYPD Missing Persons Leads to Councilman’s Incorrect  Assumption of Missing Bronx Teen Girls

Image circulating of 10 of the 14 missing Bronx girls (11 have been found or returned home)
Due to the NYPD not updating their missing person’s list, City Councilman Andy King of The Bronx erroneously stated that 14 Bronx girls were missing since July of 2014 and feared that they were smuggled into a prostitution ring. 

NYPD and family members of the formerly missing girls came forward and stared that 11 of the 14 girls had been found or had returned home. 

Welcome2TheBronx, as did other publications like the Daily News and New York Magazine, ran with the story without verifying the details. 

We apologize for any inconvenience or upsetting this may have caused. 

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