New Melrose Supermarket Opens Bringing Wide Variety of Selections


A new Fine Fare supermarket opened today in Melrose at the recently opened Triangle Plaza at 149th Street and Brook Avenue.

Once Melrose was a food desert but the South Bronx neighborhood has been flooded with so many supermarkets that you can’t walk 3 or 4 blocks (sometimes less) without running into one.

The new 14,000 square foot Fine Fare has a huge variety of products not to mention an onsite bakery, deli, and butcher shop.


Upon entering the store, the first thing you notice is the huge space dedicated to fresh produce filled with colorful fruits and veggies alongside the typical staples you’d expect in a neighborhood of Latin American, African, and African American descent.

Some notable items we saw was a nice Asian food section, naan Indian bread, challah bread, and lentil chips.

Prices seem to be pretty much in line with others in the area but more supermarkets in the area can only be a good thing because one thing we can never have too much of is access to food.

This is Frank Pimental’s second Fine Fare in Melrose and Mr Pimental said earlier today as we checked the space out, “I’m happy to serve the community, I’m here for the neighborhood and its residents as a small business owner. I’m not a bit chain.”

Fine Fare's small bulk section is a good start.
Fine Fare’s small bulk section is a good start.

And Pimental is a man of his word. A few years ago, we had conversations about the new location and we mentioned something we’d like to see and that’s bulk items for purchase such as rice, beans, grains and today we were pleasantly surprised at seeing a small little section dedicated to mostly organic bulk buying.

This is a great way to purchase items as you get to buy as little or as much as you want. From organic lentils (green, red, and french) to oats, shredded coconut, and even hemp seeds. In total, there are currently 28 items available for bulk purchasing. Perfect for those who don’t want to purchase a giant bag of rice or beans or if you want to try something new.


Throughout the store, you’ll see a great variety of items in a clean and bright open space. For those driving, there is even free parking on the rooftop for customers.

We need more mom and pop markets and supermarkets so don’t forget to support locally owned small businesses.

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