The Bronx 10451 Finds A New Home At Bronx General Post Office 

The new Bronx Post Office for 10451 is rather bland compared to the grandeur of its former location inside the landmarked lobby/©

Since its sale almost two years ago to developer YoungWoo and Associates, the Bronx General Post Office has been gearing up for a major overhaul as a new destination for shopping, office space, and dining. 

Now, after the 13 Ben Shahn murals have carefully been restored to their original grandeur, the post office which once occupied the entire grand landmarked building has moved into their new space at the northern wing of the building. 

All post office boxed have also been relocated to the new section / ©

With the post office in place and out of the way, construction appears to be picking up throughout the building. 

The Ben Shahn murals are all restored and safely covered up as construction ramps up at the Bronx General Post Office. You can now see straight to the back of the building.  Kinda hard to go from a post office in this space to where it’s at now./ ©

Gone are the old mailboxes and the lobby serving as the post office. You can see straight through from one end of the building to the other as the walls where the post office service windows used to be are being opened up to the cavernous space beyond. 

Hopefully they’ll add artwork by local Bronx artists to liven up the bland space/©

It’s a little bittersweet moment to know that the grandeur of the landmarked interior lobby will be blocked off during construction but it’s our sincerest hope that once complete, it will serve our borough well as a destination not just for The Bronx but even more specifically those who live in the area. 

In previous conversations, YoungWoo is committed to making sure the place is diverse and reflective of the community and borough not to mention that they are also committing to making it a place for local small business. 

Bronx Post Place, as the project is being called, is scheduled to open sometime in 2017. Take a look at the renderings for the space and let us know what you think. 

The main entrance had been closed as of June 5th and now access to the Post office is via 150th North side terrace/©
Since I was a child, this space always fascinated me. I’m glad we were able to get the interior lobby landmarked preserving such an important and iconic space/©
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