Shocker! Keith Rubenstein Behind Latest “Piano District” Party This Thursday


We just found out that the Gentrification Art party hosted by Swizz Beatz and Bacardi, the “No Commission Art Fair” we reported on yesterday is being hosted by Keith Rubenstein of Somerset Partners at one of his properties.

If you’ve been following Keith Rubenstein, you constantly hear or read that he claims he wants to be a part of our community yet in the meantime, he’s installing his own little businesses (well not his but handpicked by him) throughout Port Morris to create HIS vision of OUR neighborhood.

You would think that after all the negative press he received after October’s Macabre Suite “Piano District” party, he would have learned something but clearly, it has fallen upon deaf ears.

When you have an event geared towards the oligarchy of NYC with 36 artists but only ONE is from The Bronx, well that’s a many layered issue.

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Ed García Conde

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