In Pizza Wars, A Few Bronx Pizzerias Make The List

It’s an annual tradition: Who serves up the best pizza? 

The Gothamist posted their top pics and a few Bronx joints made the cut but we already know that The Bronx has THE BEST PIZZA.

Here are the ones that were chosen but what we want to hear from you is YOUR favorite! 

Via Gothamist, The Best NYC Pizza:


Via Yelp

LOUIE & ERNIE’S: This Schuylerville pizzeria is the absolute tops, boasting classic slices that hit the crust/sauce/cheese/toppings marks with ease. You can’t go wrong with a plain slice ($3), but if you’re looking for something extra special and aren’t scared of huge chunks of meat, the sausage pizza here is the stuff of the Gods. A $4 sausage slice gets you a cheesy triangle topped with huge hunks of savory pig meat sourced from a local butcher. You will never deign to eat a $1 slice again, no matter how drunk or cash-strapped you are.

Louie and Ernie’s is located at 1300 Crosby Avenue in the Bronx (718-829-6230).

Cheese slices from Yankee Pizza (Navid Baraty/Gothamist)

NEW YANKEE SK PIZZA: This little spot, located under the 6 train station at Morrison-Soundview is as basic a slice joint as you can get, and that’s exactly what makes it so great. Two plain slices and a soda here will run you $6; the slices are massive, slathered with gooey fresh cheese, piping hot sauce and a firm crust. Sprinkle some pepper on top, blot excess oil with a napkin, fold and eat, as the Good Pizza Lord intended.

New Yankee Sk Pizza is located at 1616 Westchester Avenue in the Bronx (718-378-4488).


(Via Yelp)

BROADWAY JOE’S: Broadway Joe’s may be a local haunt, but it’s no hidden gem. While its inconspicuous storefront by Van Cortlandt Park in Kingsbridge is easy to miss, the classic joint is popular among students from neighboring Manhattan College and the nearby Fieldston School for its hefty, foldable slices and accompanying garlic knots. Joe’s is unconcerned with both ambiance and innovation, but its fluorescent-lit interior houses some of the best no-frills ‘za this side of the suburbs. (Roxie Pell)

Broadway Joe’s is located at 5983 Broadway in the Kingsbridge section of The Bronx (718-796-0376).

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