LISTEN: 4 Ways The South Bronx Is Gentrifying—WNYC Wants to Hear From You

Somerset Partners and Chetrit Group’s waterfront towers planned for Port Morris

Welcome2TheBronx joined WNYC on a discussion about gentrification in The South Bronx centering in on Mott Haven and the surrounding areas for this long-term project on the housing affordability crisis. 

(If you live or work in the South Bronx, WNYC wants to hear from you and journalist Sophia Paliza-Carre will be stationed at the Mott Haven Library on E 140th Street and Alexander Avenue a few hours each day. Reach out via email to: or via social media using the hashtag #motthavenspeaks) 

Listen to the segment on WNYC by Jessica Gould and Sophia Paliza-Carre:

Some concrete signs of gentrification creeping in are:

1. Developers are staking a claim

Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group havebought up old warehouses along an industrial stretch of the Harlem River waterfront, just like developers did in Dumbo and Williamsburg years ago. 

2. Artists and millennials are moving in

Galleries are sprouting up along the waterfront, and the new coffee shop is a hub for recent college grads who’ve been priced out of other boroughs.

3. Housing costs are spiking

NYU’s Furman Center recently listed Mott Haven among the city’s top gentrifying neighborhoods, with rents up 28 percent since the ’90s. 

4. Community leaders are mobilizing

Developer Rubenstein and his partners got flak for trying to rebrand the neighborhood The Piano District, after the old piano factories that used to be there. 

Read the full story over at WNYC 

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