Another Market Rate Luxury Condo Development Coming to Mott Haven

413 E 135th Street in Mott Haven is slated to be luxury condominiums

The gentrification of the South Bronx continues at full speed as a new luxury market-rate condo is slated for construction at E 135th Street near Willis Avenue and next to the Mobile gas station. (Did we mention that in the rendering, there is not ONE person of color? Like ZERO diversity in an area that is over 90% African American and Latino.)

This will be Mott Haven’s third market rate condo (Bronx Bricks being the first back in 2008, and a new construction development on 138th Street).

According to filings with NYC’s Department of Buildings, the development will have 22 unites in the 14,985 square foot building—with gorgeous views of the Major Deegan Expressway bumper to bumper traffic and exhaust fumes.

Seriously, who would want to purchase a condo fronting directly onto a highway that’s part of the asthma epidemic in the South Bronx?

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this development is the owner.

Listed as Sobro LLC (no relation to the shady SoBro organization) with an address 5308 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, the address tied to numerous “shell” companies that have been at the center of major multi-million real estate fraud ring.

This is not to say that this organization is involved in illicit activities but the coincidence is too close for comfort.

We reached out to the owners but have not received a reply as of yet.

Rather disturbing to see a rendering with zero diversity—not one person of color in a neighborhood that is over 90% African American and Latino

It is difficult to see all these luxury developments being constructed in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city and the poorest congressional district in the country.

Mom and pop businesses are already being pushed out as developers with deep pockets snatch up leases and can afford operating at a loss.

Will we end up without a soul like Williamsburg and all the other generic gentrified neighborhoods that once housed working class poor and middle income families?

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