Watch: Bronx Hawk Has “Lunch” On Top of a Car in Broad Daylight

Outside of the Bronx Zoo there is plenty of wildlife in The Bronx.

Whether they’re coyotes in Pelham Bay and Van Cortlandt Parks or traveling through your backyard in Riverdale, deers on train tracks or even seals off the coast of our borough (not to mention beavers in the Bronx River and BATS!) they’re here.

Hawks are pretty common in The Bronx and the rest of NYC (particularly red tail hawks) but what isn’t an everyday occurrence is one casually on top of a car in Melrose eating away at its lunch: A pigeon.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a pair in St Mary’s Park and one was feasting on a pigeon. A local resident who had pointed them out said he’s seem hawks in the park since he was a kid and they were usually eating a rat or a pigeon.

I didn’t think much if it except that it’s pretty cool to see wildlife in the middle of the South Bronx.

But then last week I saw a video uploaded to Facebook showing a hawk eating a pigeon in broad daylight and immediately I recognized that it was in The Bronx.

What kind of wild animals have you encountered in The Bronx?

Take a look at the video posted on Roaring Earth on Facebook but warning: It’s pretty gross.

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