In a Surprising Move, MTA Votes to Keep Subway & Bus Fare at $2.75

Maybe the MTA actually has a heart? 

They actually voted to keep the base fare for buses and subways at $2.75 however, unlimited and express unlimited will see an increase and the bonus will be significantly less. 

Effective this March 19th:

  • 7 day weekly unlimited is going from $31 to $32
  • 30 day monthly unlimited is going from $116.50 to $121
  • 7 day express bus plus metrocard from $57.25 to $59.50
  • Access a Ride will remain the same at $2.75
  • Purchasing a new card will still cost you just $1.
  • Bonus of 11% with a $5.50 purchase will drop more than half to 5%.

The MTA seriously needs to look into increasing revenue from advertising spaces and get creative on how they go about it. 

I’d rather see a train shrink-wrapped in an ad than having to shell out more for a fare. 

Thoughts? Comments? We good?

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