Sick Cat “Breaks Into” Bronx Home & Gets The Love & Care it Needs


A poor sick kitty broke into someone’s Bronx apartment by walking in through an open window. 

According to the Huffington Post, Zebro, as he’s now known as,  was in pretty bad shape, scrawny, dehydrated, and suffering from several infections.

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After the NYPD picked him up, he was transported to a kill shelter but as luck would have it, Empty Cages Collective, an animal advocacy group, swooped in to the rescue and took him to one of their partner vets where they were able to begin treatment on this 13 year old brave senior. 


Now Zebro is enjoying the good life as he recuperates at the home of Kenia Castellanos who runs ECC’s Hudson Valley location and you can see the changes from all the tender loving care he’s received since his daring break-in. 
Castellanos said that he’ll be up for adoption soon but may require special care for the rest of his golden years. 

Zebro definitely looks happier than this picture shortly after being rescued! 

We hope he finds a loving forever home soon! 

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