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MELROSE―The Bronx is getting another co-working space as Bronx FlexSpace gets ready to open their doors officially next week.

Like Bronx Coworks, which opened up last month, Bronx FlexSpace, which is located at 452 E 149th Street between Brook and Bergen Avenues just doors down from The Opera House Hotel, will offer various levels of services like private offices, dedicated spaces, and shared spaces.


But that’s where the similarities end.

Cyber Cafe

Bronx FlexSpace will offer a “cyber cafe” where you can rent a computer station by the hour which is a necessity in The Bronx considering many families in low-income neighborhoods do not have access to the internet or a computer.

A key component is also programming at the space which will be held on Sundays which owner Evangelina Sosa says will be, “…to feed the soul” and envisions hosting poetry readings, writing workshops and other arts and creative events.

Members will be able to take advantage of these and more such as financial and computer literacy seminars which they plan to offer to the community as well.

Dedicated Work Space areas

Sosa told us that they decided to open up a co-working space after they kept hearing a common question: “Are you renting desk space”.

This led to the decision to create an environment and fill the need in a community where Bronx FlexSpace sees plenty of residents who are business owners but more importantly Evangelina Sosa added, “The best way to nurture a community is to work together and do it for each other and that’s what we’re going to do.”

“We want to be able to give the existing community in The Bronx a jump start.” she added.

Private Offices

While both Bronx Coworks and Bronx FlexSpace are co-working facilities, they are not in direct competition with each other but rather complement each other well providing the community with even more options for our borough’s entrepeneurial spirit.



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