The Bronx’s Arthur Avenue might just be the birthplace of Italian-American cuisine. / Caption and Image via USA TODAY

We love, love, LOVE Arthur Avenue as you can probably tell.

USA Today posted an article on ’10 Delicious Stops to Make on The Bronx’s Arthur Avenue’ listing some of our favorite and usual suspects of spots like The Bronx Beer Hall, Borgati’s, and Madonia Bakery.

What’s truly fascinating besides the rich culture and history of The Bronx’s Little Italy (and let’s face it, NYC’s REAL Little Italy cuz Mulberry Street ain’t got nothin’ on us, nothin! You got that?!) is the longevity of all these businesses.

Many of these mom and pop shops have been in business for over a century and others not too far behind.

They’ve withstood the test of time to some degree and even if they’re no longer owned by the original founding families, new owners seldom tinker much with these institutions even using recipes and equipment from the previous families to churn out the amazing baked goods.

This is something you don’t see much of throughout our city and we’re happy and proud that you get to see this right here in our borough of The Bronx.

So what’s your favorite place along Arthur Avenue? What’s the one thing you crave the most? We want to know so sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

In the meantime, check out USA Today’s List: 10 delicious stops to make on the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue: Eat & Drink Article by

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