When a local synagogue in Parkchester could no longer afford to keep its place of worship, Sheikh Musa Drammeh opened up his mosque to the Jewish community so that they could continue to have a home and a place to worship.

We wrote about this 5 years ago when The Atlantic ran a piece on it and we said that, “After reading the rest of the story then it dawned on me that I shouldn’t be surprised that the other gentleman would suggest to look at the Bronx to see how it’s done. We are a borough of immigrants and many faiths, often times living in the same neighborhoods. People who back in their countries were taught to fear the different. Here in the Bronx they are exposed to each other and old prejudices begin to peel away like the layers of an onion.

We are far from perfect, that we know, but it’s stories like this that makes me proud to be from the Bronx. If we can overcome such obstacles, there’s no limit to what we can do when we are united.

Freethink Media has produced a beautiful video piece on this story that shows the beautiful spirit of coexisting and helping our neighbors that defines The Bronx.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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