Applications Being Accepted for 26 New Affordable Units in Longwood

Lynn’s Place

Located at 1060 Reverend James A Polite Avenue, these 26 units are located in a new 69 unit building in a development that will primarily house the formerly homeless, people with serious mental illness, chronic homelessness, disorders related to alcohol and or drug use.

These 26 units are not under that category but it should be noted that this is the expected population you will be applying to live with (the more you know).

12 studio apartments are available to individuals making anywhere from $26,229 to $33,400 with rents at $710 a month, 2 studio units for individuals making $31,440 to $40,080 renting for $862 and 12 two bedroom units for a 2-4 person household making $39,943 to $57,240 renting for $1,107.

The rents are well below market rates in the area but the catch is that you’ll have to fall within the income guidelines which is where many folks don’t make the cut.

To learn more, click here and to apply for the apartment just click here.

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