NYC’s FIRST Diabetes Relief Center Coming to The Bronx

Diabetes Relief Center is scheduled to open its doors this coming September.

Watch the informational video 

Relief for diabetics is coming to The Bronx with the new Diabetes Relief Center bringing, “…the most important advancement for treatment since insulin…” for the disease.

The Bronx, with the worst health outcome as the unhealthiest of 62 counties in New York State, leads the city and state with one of the highest rates of diabetes. In fact, 3 of the 5 neighborhoods with the highest rates are in the Bronx: Fordham, Northeast Bronx, and the South Bronx.

Now, thanks to Diabetes Relief Centers, quality of life for thousands of Bronxites and New Yorkers with diabetes is about to change as they get ready to open up their first center not just in New York City but the entire Northeast.

The treatment, which according to  Diabetes Relief Centers, “…mimics effect that normal pancreas has on liver…”, is administered intravenously in their clinical centers and delivers micro pulses of insulin.

Unlike traditional insulin treatment which simply treats glucose, this treatment affects nerve endings, the brain, retinas, liver, kidneys and according to research has been shown to halt or even reverse serious complications from advanced diabetes.

The nearly 6,000 square foot center coming to 2825 Third Avenue at 149th Street in the Third Avenue Business Improvement District at The Hub will provide roughly 25-35 treatment chairs and the ability to treat roughly 600 patients weekly in an area that is considered to be ground zero of diabetes in NYC.

In fact, 15% of adults in the Melrose/Mott Haven area where the center is opening have been diagnosed with diabetes ranking in 7th in the city.

“The Diabetes Relief Center – South Bronx brings health equity to an area which has long been dominated by some of the highest rates of diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. The Third Avenue BID welcomes Trina Health as their center provides cutting edge resources to
our community and sets a new standard for diabetes relief in New York” stated Michael Brady, Executive Director of the Third Avenue Business Improvement District.

Lon G. von Hurwitz, President and Co-Founder of Trina Health echoed Brady’s sentiments, “we at The Diabetes Relief Centers are honored to join the thriving South Bronx business community and are eager to begin this Fall to offer a novel and revolutionary treatment option to the doctors and to their patients in the area suffering from this terrible disease.”

It’s important to understand that this isn’t a cure but relief and even reversal of complications from diabetes.

According to Trina Diabetes Relief Centers, since clinical trials began in 1990 and approval in 2013, there have been over 200,000 treatments performed with ZERO adverse reactions.

Bronx resident Luz Carty, who attended yesterday’s informational open house asked Dr G Ford Gilbert, PhD, JD, founder and CEO of Trina, “So you’re saying that you can reverse comorbidities in patients like myself who’s had diabetes for 23 years?”

Dr Gilbert replied, “Yes.”

Fighting back tears, Carty replied, “You’re giving us hope.



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