Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj has no problem selling out The Bronx—to whomever.

East Bronx residents, is this who you want representing you? 

NYS State Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj is bent on paving his path to the city council by whatever means possible.

Gjonaj had already set a record for city council races with a war chest of over $700,000 filled with donations from real estate interests and now from individuals indicted on charges of money laundering connected to drug trafficking and even weapons smuggling into Kosovo.

Make no mistake, however, Gjonaj does not act alone in his quest for glory. Equally culpable in pushing this candidate is the corrupt Bronx Democratic Machine.

Tomorrow you decide at the polls, District 13 communities of the East Bronx, and we urge you to make an informed decision that you won’t end up regretting later on.

Your communities are at stake which is why we feel strongly about endorsing John Doyle who hasn’t been purchased by private interests and instead has been supported by those who actually live in the community. 

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