Hip Hop Museum to Be Built on City Backed Gentrification Project on Bronx Waterfront

Rendering of Bronx Point

Called Bronx Point, L&M Development Partners won the bid to build a development on stolen public land known as Pier 5 which was designated as part of Mill Pond Park expansion at 149th Street right at the foot of the 145th Street Bridge.

The development calls for 1,045 units of (un)affordable housing which we all know will be luxury on the waterfront not made available to the actual residents who live in the neighborhood.

Bronx Point is slated to also include a multiplex and yet another food and beverage hall that will be run by curated by Brooklyn outsider Anna Castellani who curated the popular Brooklyn food hall Dekalb Market.

Besides the clear theft of land which the city denies is happening because they claim that it was never designated for parks despite that even the friggin’ map at Mill Pond Park shows it as part of the expansion as well as NYC Parks website had it as well along with the acreage of the site until they removed it, it is absolutely disgusting that the city has its hand so visibly in the gentrification process of the South Bronx.

This is absolutely unforgivable and we as Bronx residents will remember the sell-outs during election day.

“You can disguise luxury real estate by claiming that the “Universal Hip-Hop Museum” will be part of the development. But will it really? And is massive gentrification an adequate trade-off to finally aggregate our regional historical culture?” said Edwin Pagán, Program Manager, Bronx Culture Collective (BxCC).

Is our neighborhood worth that little to our community leaders that they will settle for crumbs just to have us displaced?

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