Join The Bronx’s Own ‘Stone Soup’ Event at Tomorrow’s ‘Big Bronx Sancochazo’!

Making the big sancocho at Brook Park/Image via Friends of Brook Park

Tomorrow at Brook Park, thanks to the amazing folks at Green Worker Cooperatives, you have an excellent chance to participate in community building in The Bronx’s own version of the famous Stone Soup folktale.

From Green Worker Cooperatives:

The Sancochazo is organized by Green Worker Cooperatives, and our goal is to provide an opportunity for the community to come together, learn and get involved in the cooperative movement in NYC. We’ll have interactive games and activities for all ages, for you and the whole family.

The story of Stone Soup, which most of us read as children, captures the essence of the impact of community effort, that by working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good can be achieved. Similar to that story, the Stone Soup Event will challenge community partners –cooperatives, social justice organizations, restaurants, and the community‐ to come together and get energized.

Community building through cooperation/Image via Friends of Brook Park

So join us, bring an ingredient for the soup, share a skill with the community but more than anything, have fun!!! Bring a team of your friends, family, neighbors to play together! You will want to take advantage of the beautiful day and have sancocho and other delights on the grass under a tree.

There’s much more to be announced, and we’re looking for volunteers to make this event a success! Please email to share a performance, a dish, or lead an activity.

Hope to see you there tomorrow and check out this link to find out what you can contribute!

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