The Bronx Had the Lowest Voter Turnout of All NYC Boroughs

Only 19% of 718,302 active Bronx voters came out to vote during this past Tuesday’s election.

Let that sink in.


Not that the rest of New York City fared much better with an overall average of 24% of active voters in the city coming out to the polls but, as per usual, The Bronx comes in dead last.

With all the issues facing our borough like gentrification, homelessness, poor educational outcomes, underemployment, and environmental issues, how are we going to solve them if we don’t participate in the democratic process and vote?

We cannot continue on this path allowing a small group of people dictate what goes on in our borough and city. We need a stronger turnout at the polls. This is why politicians get lazy and end up doing things that are not in our best interest but the interest of corporations and developers because there is no one out there holding them accountable at the polls.

They know that every 4 years all they have to do is hand out free turkeys and they have the votes they need to squeak into office or stay comfortably put until they decide to retire.

So how did the rest of the city do?

See for yourself:

  • Staten Island – 32%
  • Manhattan – 24%
  • Queens – 22%
  • Brooklyn – 22%
  • The Bronx 19%

We need to pretend that our lives are at stake each election and get to the polls and vote.

You can’t complain if you’re not participating.


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