The Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in The Bronx

E 149th Street registered 11 pedestrian collisions at three different intersections

Vision Zero is actually working.

Here’s a statistic The Bronx can be proud of: The borough is the second safest in NYC for pedestrians according to data collected by NYCrossWalk.

Of the 9,465 pedestrian collisions to date, The Bronx accounts for 12.8% of these accidents citywide (Staten Island comes as the safest).

East 149th Street in Melrose is the most dangerous with 11 pedestrian collisions at three different intersections.

Another notable tidbit of data is that pedestrian collisions dropped after Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign to lower pedestrian fatalities resulted in the city lowering the speed limit from 30MPH to 25MPH.

Per NYCrossWalk’s website, The following are the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in The Bronx with total number of collisions this year to date:

  1. E 138th Street @Brook Avenue / 5 collisions
  2. E 149th Street @ Grand Concourse / 4 collisions
  3. Grand Concourse @ E 183rd St / 4 collisions
  4. 3rd Avenue @ E 149th Street / 4 collisions
  5. White Plains Road @ E 224th Street / 3 collisions
  6. 3rd Avenue @ E 187th Street / 3 collisions
  7. Bruckner Boulevard @ Hunts Point Avenue / 3 collisions
  8. West Burnside Avenue @ Andrews Avenue / 3 collisions
  9. E 149th Street @ Courtlandt Avenue / 3 collisions
  10. East Tremont @ Park Avenue / 3 collisions

Check out the map below or head over to their website for more information.

Data Source: NYC Open Data /

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