Bronx Building Where Jews & Muslims Worship Peacefully in Danger of Being Sold

Sheikh Musa Drammeh (right) sits with members of the Jewish synagogue that shares space with his Islamic mosque.

A few years ago we wrote about how The Bronx could teach the Middle East and even the world about coexistence, for you see, it is here in our borough at the Islamic Cultural Center of North America where a mosque, a synagogue, and a church worship under one roof.

(Watch the touching video on how these two religions came to worship under one roof)

Sounds like an impossibility but Sheikh Musa Drammeh provided space to a local synagogue so that they could continue to worship in peace after they Jewish house of worship loss their own space due to a dwindling population.

Drammeh said it was a no brainer to offer the space to coexist together because, “…we’re all children of God.”

Now everything is on hold because there is a delinquent tax debt on the property with a scheduled public auction this coming December 12th.

According to a segment on News12 The Bronx, a “benefactor” is offering $1 million already so fingers crossed that this worthy Bronx institution can survive and continue to doing the wonderful work they have been doing.

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Ed García Conde

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