10 Worst Buildings in The Bronx: Is Yours on The List?

New York City Public Advocate Letitia James’s office has issued their Worst Landlord and Worst Buildings list that are ranked by total number of open violations on the list.

Two of the top ten worst buildings in The Bronx are owned by two owners who also made it to the top ten worst landlords in New York City.

1892 Morris Avenue in the Mount Hope section of the borough ranked as the worst building with a whopping 485 violations owned by Rawle Isaacs who is the 2nd worst landlord in New York City according to this list.

Over in Parkchester, 2001 Newbold Avenue, a 105 unit building with 294 HPD violations ranked as #6 in The Bronx’s worst buildings and its owner, Thomas Steiner, ranked as the 3rd worst landlord in New York City.

The ten worst buildings in The Bronx are as follows:

[table id=3 /]

These slumlords need to be held accountable. Our residents deserve better living conditions regardless of their economic status. Clean housing is a basic human right.

Check out our map below or head over to the website and check out the list for yourself.

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Ed García Conde

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