Bronx Man Obsessed with the 80s Spends $100k in Memorabilia

John-Paul Annunziato with his collection of 80s memorabilia…over 30,000 items which he’s spent $100k+/Image via his Facebook page, 80sthen80snow

Hey. I was born in 1975 and am a child of the 80s. I LOVE the 80s. But John-Paul Annunziato of Morris Park in The Bronx takes his love to an obsession that has cost him over $100,000 as he continues to splurge on 80s memorabilia.

Annunziato has filled his one bedroom apartment with over 30,000 gnarly items like Atari video games and consoles to cereal boxes. Even cans of Aquanet (remember those big hair days?) can be found in his collection. Heck, even Cliff Notes!!! If it’s from the 80s, you name, he probably has it.

According to his website,, his obsession began after his tragic (and apparently violent) death of his parents in 2009 which he claims set him on a path to recreate his childhood.

This led to his humongous collection that he claims is museum worthy and is historic but Guinness Book of Records denied his application saying that the collection was too broad in scope to be considered as an entry.

Anywho, shout out to John-Paul for his collection. One day, I’d like a tour and go down memory lane myself.

Check out his Facebook Page or website.


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