The Most Expensive Bronx Real Estate of 2017

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The most expensive Bronx real estate for 2017 is a bit all over the map but it’s no surprise that most of it is located in Riverdale and Fieldston which was home to the top co-op, condo, AND single family home sale for the year.

Here are the top properties by category:

Single Family Homes

360 West 253rd Street/$6,250,000

Not sure Jesus would approve of this opulence of a mansion…

This home, which was built for the second coming of Christ, FINALLY sold last year after being on the market for 7 years. Initially with an outrageous asking price of $15 million, the 9,500 square foot home on an oversized 100,000 square foot finally managed to snag a purchaser, but it wasn’t Jesus. At least we don’t think he’s back.


3515 Henry Hudson Parkway, #11A/$1,100,000

This co-op looks pretty nice but doesn’t really scream “special”

Sold this past October, this four bedroom, three bathroom co-op at the Briarcliff in Riverdale took the title of the most expensive co-op sale in The Bronx for 2017. The listing boasts of “beautiful Hudson River views” and the unit also includes an enclosed terrace.


640 West 237th Street, #17A/$1,212,115

Again, nothing special except perhaps the views.

When the Solaria Condos hit the market for the first time back in 2007 it couldn’t have been a worse time. The real estate market crashed in the biggest housing collapse in American history and here was this luxury condominium trying to sell million dollar units in Riverdale where condos are virtually unheard of. This is co-op country we’re talking about.

There was even a bloodbath of price chopping going on when in 2009, 50 unsold units were auctioned off at 45% off.

Well perhaps it’s a bit bittersweet then that 10 years later, The Solaria can shine in knowing that one of its units was the most expensive condo sold for 2017.

The unit is a two bedroom, two and a half bath apartment with 1,541 square feet of living space and since it’s perched on the 17th floor in one of the highest points in NYC, the unit boasts views of not just the Hudson River and the beautiful Van Cortlandt Park but also to the east with views of the Long Island Sound.

Multi-Family Residential Buildings

225 E 149th Street/$78,000,000

This massive, multi-tower 500 unit development spanning an entire city block sold for $78 million back in March of 2017 and was the most expensive transaction for a single residential development in The Bronx in 2017.

The affordable Mitchell-Lama rental property is currently undergoing a major $160 million plan to not only preserve the affordability of these units for another 40 years but the property itself is undergoing major capital improvements as well with upgrades to landscaping, new playgrounds, renovated kitchens and bathrooms, lobby and more.

Thanks to the new owners, MDG Design+Construction, who understand the need to preserve such affordable housing in rapidly gentrifying areas.

Non-Residential Buildings

260 E 161st Street/$115 Million

260 E 161st in Melrose has become the most expensive building in Bronx history after selling last week for $115 million to Jamestown, the owner of Manhattan’s famed Chelsea Market and Brooklyn’s Industry City.

This office building, also in Melrose, not only was the most expensive non-residential building sold in 2017 but it was also the most expensive property in all of 2017 as well as Bronx history.

The building houses a Chipotle, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, and Checkers on the ground floor retail space and counts Legal Aid and Montefiore as its big anchor tenants in the offices above.

So what do you think of these properties? Something to write home about or nah?

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