Watch: Bronx Hip Hop Hall of Fame Coming to Port Morris

Port Morris – Last night during Windows of Hip Hop 2018 Element Awards, it was announced that The Bronx Hip Hop Hall of Fame along with a Tower of Hip Hop is coming to The Bronx.

Hip Hop pioneers like Big Daddy Kane, Doug E Fresh, Kool DJ Red Alert, Swizz Beatz and Lisa Evers who were honored during the award ceremony held at Pier 132 were all on stage when the big announcement was made as they and the crowd all cheered.

The Tower of Hip Hop will be built atop Pier 132 in Port Morris the site of last night’s event.

The Tower itself is interestingly designed to look like a microphone with the top floors rounded out. It will contain not just The Bronx Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Windows of Hip Hop School.

Bronx Hip Hop Hall of Fame
The Tower of Hip Hop (right) will rise above Pier 132 and House the Bronx Hip Hop Hall of Fame along with the Windows of Hip Hop School. The tower on the left will be a hotel.

A second tower will rise and serve as a hotel.

Another Bronx Home for Hip Hop

Recently Bronx Point was announced to be constructed along the Harlem River and will house the Universal Hip Hop Museum. Sadly, this is slated to be constructed on what was supposed to be the Mill Pond Park Extension.

Considering that The Bronx is the birthplace of Hip Hop, I’m pretty sure that there’s room enough for two institutions dedicated to the preservation of what has become the most popular genre in the United States as of last year.

Perhaps once the two are built, there can be a shuttle connecting them.

Pier 132 is located on 132nd Street and Willow Avenue next to the Randall’s Island Connector. It is also located behind Port Morris Distillery and Gun Hill Tavern.

No official timeline has been given for the project.

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