Brooklyn Man Declares Best NYC Pizza is In The Bronx (Duh)

Writing for Chowhound, Ian Levenstein declares that NYC’s best pizza is not in Brooklyn but in The Bronx.

Where exactly? Pelham Bay to be exact and he lists many past Welcome2TheBronx reader favorites.

But we’re sure this will set off another pizza war.

So which joints did this Brooklyn guy go gaga for? Which did he think are worthy of the best NYC pizza declaration?

Mangia’s, Crosby Pizza (duh), Joe’s Pizza, Louie and Erie’s (double duh) & Frank’s Pizza all are on the list.

“Personally, I feel that the diversity, the variety, and the quality you’ll find in Pelham Bay will leave you satisfied, and hopefully wanting more.” 

You’re probably wondering how Levenstein even found these spots.

Well according to his article it’s all about love as he recently began dating a woman who lives in Pelham Bay.

In his article he writes:

“Growing up, I was taught that Brooklyn had three things going for it: pizza, bagels, and Jewish delis. I was under the assumption that what you found there was going to be better than the rest of the five boroughs by default, outside of a spot here and there. As a registered New York pizza snob, I simply was not expecting the abundance of quality, nor the quantity that I have received in one of the far corners of The Bronx. But lo, here it is. Getting off the train at Buhre Avenue, you’re immediately taken by how different the area looks from “The Big City.” Buildings are smaller, the train is overhead instead of underground. But most importantly, there are at least five different pizza options to choose from within walking distance of each other. Makeshift pizza walking tour, anyone? I’m down if you’re down.”

“To anyone thinking to themselves, “Self? Is this too much pizza for one afternoon?” I think that’s up for you to decide. Want to do one of these five and call it a day, or two, or three, or four? Be my guest! But whatever you decide, the trip to the near-end of the Pelham line of the subway is absolutely worth the adventure. These pizza places all exist for a reason, as some poignant final words from Vincent Leo elaborate on. “One of my friends used to say, ‘If everybody likes your pizza, there’d be nobody else in business! You’d be the only guy making pizza.’” Personally, I feel that the diversity, the variety, and the quality you’ll find in Pelham Bay will leave you satisfied, and hopefully wanting more.”

Read the entire account of his journey over at Chowhound.

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