Bronx Girl Gets a Special Valentine’s From an MTA Train Operator

These are the types of stories that shows just how awesome The Bronx and its people are.

NY1 reports this evening about a young 5 year old girl named Stella who gets on the Longwood Avenue station on the 6 train everyday with her dad.

He told NY1 how Stella always waves hello at the conductors as they pull the trains into the station and oftentimes would wave back.

Well today the train came into the station at a slower speed than normal and when it reached Stella, the window opened and the train operator gave stella a special gift: A box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

The parents tried to find out who the train operator was and NY1 was able to track the man down who also turns out to be a Bronxite.

47 year old John Moreno of Pelham Bay did it as a way of saying thank you to Stella for always saying hi and seeing him.
“To the average New Yorker, we’re invisible — but not to Stella!” he was quoted as saying to the station.

For me, this is rather personal story since my dad worked for the MTA for 33 1/2 years, most of which as a train operator himself.

It’s so beautiful to see these kinds of stories being highlighted so make sure you spread this one around because we need something to smile about more than ever.

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Ed García Conde

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