Eating Along The Grand Concourse in Claremont and Mount Eden

We’re back with the Daily News’ Subway Fare series featuring great places to eat along each stop along the subway.

Today’s feature takes us to the 170th Street stop on the B train along the Grand Concourse with a trio of diverse and locally owned eateries.

Featured today are:

  • Nuevo Tulcingo Azteca which opened last summer on E 170th Street where you can get deep fried chimichangas, cemitas, tostadas and more.
  • La Rosa Bakery featuring delicacies from several Latin American countries and freshly baked Latin American breads.
  • 1454 MC Deli Grocery Corp will get you a heaping plate of home-style cooked Dominican food.

Check out the full article over at the Daily News.

What are your favorite restaurants in the area?

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