Watch: Shore Road in Pelham Bay Park Still a Treacherous Mess Two Years Later

New York City appears to be waiting for a fatal accident to happen along Shore Road between The Bronx and Westchester County to actually do something about the treacherous conditions, particularly during the winter.

We first reported about the hazard two years ago when brothers Tommy and James Breen began documenting how water seeping up from the ground would freeze creating an ice puddle that extends into the roadway which would force cars to veer into oncoming traffic to avoid skidding on it.

City Island and other local residents in Community Board 10 have been fighting this for years now but to no avail with simply empty promises from city agencies including Department of Transportation, that they will “monitor” the situation.

Watch how dangerous the situation is:

Shore Road Dangers 2018 from James Breen on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a City Island resident on his way home from Westchester was involved in an accident on the flooded section of Shore Road when a coyote darted in front of a car ahead of him resulting in the totaling of his car.

The Bronx Times reports:

“Boudreau, who uses Shore Road for his daily work commute to New Rochelle and Rye, was not harmed, but his truck was totaled.

“Every time it rains or snows, that part of the road is always flooded and it doesn’t help that the (drainage) pipe leading out to the bay is clogged most of the time,” he said. “I just want to see them fix this road because one day someone is going to get killed there.”

According to Thomas, Lopez explained that “the city has hired a consulting design firm to develop design and cost out the repairs to Shore Road.”

“Due to lack of sewer infrastructure the only way to mitigate the flood is with a capital project,” Thomas said he was told.

The Breens asked Lopez if Shore Road’s renovation will make this year’s budget, but were told DOT does not yet have the plan or price established.

A NYC Parks spokeswoman said Parks has experienced ongoing issues with water pooling at the aforementioned location which happens because water naturally flows in Pelham Bay Park from the upland areas on the west side of Shore Road out to the lagoon in the east.

Parks and NYC Department of Design and Construction are currently conducting a study to identify a permanent solution.”

Read the full story over at The Bronx Times as well as our past coverage.

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