Watch: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Back Bronx Program That Teaches Real Estate to Kids

J-Lo aka Jenny from The Block is giving a bit more back to The Bronx along with her beau, former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod, by way of a program aimed at equipping local kids with financial literacy in real estate.

The program, known as Project Destined, was launched by Cedric Bobo with a few students in Detroit who later on met Alex Rodriguez who now heads up A-Rod Corp, a real estate and development firm who convinced Bobo to bring the program into The Bronx.

JLo and A-Rod have also become one of the program’s biggest backers.

Project Destined in The Bronx started with 50 students from 3 local high schools who all learned about the world of real estate including financing.

CNBC Reports:

“I learned about cap rates, which I didn’t know what it was before I came here. I also learned about due diligence,” said Zainabou Darboe, a high school senior. “We had to talk to a lawyer, a banker and a broker.”

The program culminated in a Saturday ‘boot camp’ in the Viacom building in Times Square. Students were divided into six teams, each with a mentor student from Harvard Business School.

“I wanted to bridge two worlds,” said Bobo, himself a graduate of Harvard Business School.

They developed presentations for two Bronx apartment buildings, writing offer letters, and explaining their strategies to finance the properties.

Watch the full video below:

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod teach real estate from CNBC.

Personally, we’re happy seeing JLo giving more back to The Bronx.

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