Underground Fight Club Thrives in The Bronx

There’s an underground fight club in The Bronx (hey, we weren’t the first ones to break the first rule so we’re good) that’s helping squash beef between individuals before things get deadly with guns.

While we don’t condone violence at all whatsoever, we’d rather see two people duke it out in a ring than end up dead on the streets. Heck, maybe it’s because of clubs like this that murders are down? Who knows?

David “Dee” Delgado writes for The Undefeated and says:

“Killa Mike is proud of an early match that involved an ex-husband and the new boyfriend. The two men’s problems had escalated to the point of death threats toward each other on social media. The two men walked out of the ring with a mutual respect, he says, and the threats and bickering have ceased.”

But it’s not just those in the ring taking their frustrations out. Spectators aren’t safe if another spectator calls them out to settle a score as seen in the video clip below.

Delgado takes us into the dark underground world of Rumble in The Bronx, the latest fight club to spring up in our borough and his tale and images are a must see so head over and read the full account and take a look at his amazing images.

Header Image caption via The Undefeated: “Lulu (left) takes a punch to the face from Ashley during a fight that wasn’t on the card but was the result of a callout by Ashley. This fight was to settle some differences between the two onetime friends over Ashley’s ex.”


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