Major Subway Delays (Shocker) on The 2 and 5 Line; Riders Being Accommodated on All Bronx Metro North

In today’s “and water is wet” news, due to a rail condition at West Farms, all 2 and 5 trains are running express from E 180th Street to 3rd Avenue and 149th Street.

We received the first alert of interrupted service at 7:17AM stating there was no 2 service between 241st Street and 3rd Avenue and 149th Street—basically the entire Bronx leg of the line.

Customers were forced to resort to buses or walking over to Metro North stations in this wet weather to complete their commute.

The same went for the 5 train between Dyre Avenue and 3rd Avenue and 149th Street effectively shutting out hundreds of thousands of Bronxites from going to work or getting home for the late night workers on this rainy Wednesday.

By 9:18AM, another alert went out that full service was finally restored.

These problems will only continue to get worse as the population continues to grow and the MTA doesn’t make the necessary upgrades.

This also highlights why we MUST get those four new East Bronx Metro North stations AND expand ferry service beyond just Soundview.

Enough is enough.

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Ed García Conde

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