Two Bronx B/D Subway Stations To Close Next Month

The 167th Street on the B and D line along the Grand Concourse along with 174th-175th Street will close next month for repairs.

This will allow for major upgrades and modernization to the stations which opened in 1933 with new LED lighting, countdown clocks, new turnstiles, and more.

167th Street will fully close August 27th and 174th-174th Street station will close August 13th and will remain closed for less than 6 months according to the MTA (we’ll believe that when we see it).

Renovations are also scheduled for 145th Street station on the same line and the station will fully close for less than 6 months as well beginning July 21st.

The MTA recommends the following alternatives during this time:

During the station closures, customers can use nearby bus routes for connections to 23 service. For service to and from 145 St, customers can use the Harlem-148 St 3 station, or take the M7 or M102 bus to 135 St for 23 service. Customers can also take the Bx19 bus to the 145 St abcd station.

For service to and from 167 St bd, take the Bx1 or Bx2 bus to 170 St bd or 161 St-Yankee Stadium 4bd.

For service to and from 174-175 Sts bd, customers can use the Bx1 or Bx2 bus to 170 St bd or Tremont Av bd.

Good luck to all our Bronx straphangers during this time! Hey, at least it’s not as bad as what Brooklyn is getting when the L train shuts down

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