WATCH: Travel Ad HILARIOUSLY Calls Orchard Beach “A Piece of The Florida Tropics…in NYC”

It’s Friday and we’re sure you need a good laugh right about now as many of us wrap up our work week.

A video by Thrillist and Delta Airlines ridiculously compares Orchard Beach to the Florida tropics 😂 LOL!

Now don’t get us wrong we absolutely love Orchard Beach but this ad to get folks to travel to Florida is just so off the mark.

About the only accurate depiction is that it takes almost as long to get to Florida as it does to Orchard Beach on the 6.

Equally grating is travel host Dolapo Sangokoya continuously and incredulously asking if she’s really in The Bronx while at Lickity Split and other City Island locations.

The Bronx is beautiful and diverse. We are a beautiful borough so stop pretending we’re not!

At one point in the video two couples are dancing bachata but she says “Salsa dancing is a tradition at Orchard Beach”.


Besides the good laugh the video provided the comments are even better.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts!

Oh and shout out to our friend Desirée who let us know about this crazy video!

Check out these reactions to the video!

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