Bronx Teen Travels to Canada to for Square Dancing Competition

17 year old Jonathan Welner of The Bronx is in London, Canada but this isn’t your ordinary Bronx teen.

You see, Jonathan is up north competing in the country’s national square dancing competition.

The London Free Press reports:

The 17-year-old eventually learned to call out the moves to dancers, a signature of both square and round dancing.

He’ll even be calling some dances with his grandfather at the convention in London this week.

“I enjoy being up on that stage and just watching everybody have a good time,” Welner said. “You get to see new people every day. I enjoy seeing a smile on the people’s faces when I entertain.”

If a Puerto Rican man from The Bronx can become the king of Ukrainian folk dance then surely a Bronx kid can compete in square dancing, no?

You can read the full story here.

(header image ©Jennifer Bieman/London Free Press)

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