Smoking Ban in NYCHA Begins Today and Not Everyone is Happy

The Nanny State has struck again!

As of today, July 30th, 2018, smoking is PROHIBITED in NYCHA’s 178,895 apartments across 2,602 buildings in all five boroughs as part of a federal ban.

And its not just inside your apartment that you can’t smoke within 25 feet of a NYCHA building (read: more ways for the NYPD to fine low-income residents).

But many residents are not happy.

In theory it’s a great idea because you might be helping people kick the habit or reduce risk of exposure of second hand smoke to others but we know how these things often play out.

There are residents who now feel this is just another rule that will be used to kick them out of their homes.

This rule isn’t coming from NYCHA but it’s coming from the federal government so blame Washington for creeping into your private lives.

The rule came into existence under the Obama administration in December 2016.



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