WATCH: Bronx NYPD Captain Destroys Sidewalk Memorial

A Bronx NYPD captain was caught on video destroying a candle-lit memorial, the type of which we are all too familiar with in The Bronx when someone passes away.

The incident took place during Sunday’s Dominican Day Parade according to the Daily News.

Captain Melendez of the 46th Precinct, known by other officers as Captain America, has a history of controversy surrounding him as it is was reported that back in 2006 he faced accusations of ordering other officers to falsify vandalism reports regarding a patrol car with a missing side-view mirror as per the Daily News.

The News reports:

“He got a call from the Chief of Department’s office telling him to clean up that mess. And now everyone is coming down on him on social media,” the source said.

The video sparked a wave of criticism on Facebook and Twitter.

“Damn, couldn’t he go about it in a different way? If this guy doesn’t have enough discernment to realize that’s a memorial of the dead and destroying it could obviously create backlash, he shouldn’t be in the position he’s in,” wrote one Facebook user, Ebony Mosheh. “And this goes for all of law enforcement. SMH!”

One Twitter user, @solaunicadeyna, wrote, “Disgusting behavior by Capt Melendez – why are cops so disrespectful but yet want empathy! This is not how you build relationships with your community.”

Whatever the circumstances behind this it is NOT ok to just kick and destroy a memorial dedicated to a deceased individual.


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Ed García Conde

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