Where in The Bronx is Mr Softee Hated the Most?

One of the most iconic sounds of summer in NYC is the Mr Softee jingle luring kids and grownups alike to their trucks for some frozen treats.

But across The Bronx and the rest of New York City, people are complaining about the constant jingle coming from the ice cream trucks.

So which Bronx neighborhoods hate Mr Softee the most as per a new report by Localize.city?

Folks over in Kingsbridge by Bailey Playground as well Fort Independence Playground and around Van Cortlandt Park are the biggest whiners in The Bronx and actually placed 3rd in the city for most complaints filed in the past 12 months against the “incessant” jingle.

One woman in Kingsbride lost her cool, pun intended and went on rant on Facebook.

Gothamist writes:

Many complainers, however, remain. As one rapidly unraveling Kingsbridge woman wrote on Facebook in April: “YOUR A***** DRIVER IS STILL PARKED ON VAN CORTLANDT PARK SOUTH AND BLASTING NOISE. YOU, MISTER SOFTEE, HAVE BEEN THERE FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR. DO NOT COME TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Second up in the curmudgeon category in The Bronx is Norwood around Whalen Park followed by Soundview in 3rd place in our borough around Soundview Park.

Seriously though, are we that bored that we’re complaining about Mr Softee?

No ice cream for you!

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Ed García Conde

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