ICE Courthouse Arrests Increase by 1,700% Under Trump Administration; The Bronx 4th Hardest Hit County

Since Trump took office in 2017, ICE arrests at courthouses across New York State have increased an alarming 1,700% and The Bronx is the fourth hardest hit according to a new report issued by the Immigrant Defense Project.

Even more disturbing is that these arrests have increased in brutality and not just geographic scope across the state.

Infographic via IDP

IDP reports that, “…tactics employed by ICE agents became more violent and the brutality more commonplace” with horrific accounts of, “… of ICE using violent force to conduct arrests—slamming family members against walls, dragging individuals from cars, and even pulling guns on people leaving court—have become commonplace. Witnesses to ICE arrests have called 911 to report that they were witnessing a kidnapping. ICE has also turned to more aggressive surveillance, trailing attorneys to their offices and eavesdropping on confidential attorney-client conversations. “

The report also revealed that ICE is targeting vulnerable victims of human trafficking and survivors of domestic violence.

Infographic via IDP

According to data presented by the report, in 2016 there were only 11 ICE related arrests at courts in New York State. In 2017 that increased by 1,700% to 172 arrests and continued to grow by 17% in 2018 with 202 arrests by ICE agents at courts.

In The Bronx, there were 26 arrests placing it fourth of 62 counties in NYS.

Regardless of immigration status, human beings deserve better treatment than violent ICE officers dragging them away especially those that are victims of crimes themselves.

Read the full report here.

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