WATCH: A Bronx Precinct Once Known as ‘Most Dangerous Square Mile in America’ Experiences Historic Drop in Crime

Time Magazine once called the 46th Precinct in The Bronx, which covers Fordham, University Heights, Mount Hope, and Mount Morris, “The Most Dangerous Square Mile in America”.

Now, decades later, the area has experienced a dramatic turnaround with crime dropping to historic lows.

This isn’t to say that the 4-6 doesn’t have it’s share of problems and that everything is perfect, that’s far from the truth, but it has come a long way from 1990 when there were 82 murders in this one precinct alone.

In 2018 only 9 murders were recorded. (Side note: That’s still 9 too many and it sounds jaded when we say ONLY but when you take it all into context, it really is something to celebrate that crime has dropped that low. But can we get it to zero please?).

Overall, crime across all major categories have dropped 80.6% between 1990 and 2018.

WABC takes us on journey documenting these changes in the video below:

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