WATCH: How One Bronx Man is Revolutionizing How Bodegas Get Their Inventory

A Bronx born and raised man, Julian Rodríguez, is bringing bodegas and restaurants into the digital age and helping change the game in how they do business.

One of the biggest challenges for bodega and restaurant owners is having to navigate and through food warehouses and distribution centers (most of which are located in Hunts Point) and trying to find the best deals.

And it’s a challenge Rodríguez is using tech to help small business owners overcome according to an inteview in Remezcla.

Utilizing an e-commerce platform called Bazaar, which he created, business owners can now check for inventory and prices with competing warehouses without having to make the trek only to find out the products they want are out of stock.

In the article, Rodríguez began his endeavor after seeing first hand the difficulties his uncle faced as a bodega owner.

Watch below:

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