The Biggest & Most Realistic Dinosaur Ride in America is Coming to The Bronx Zoo!

Dinosaurs are returning to The Bronx on April 19 at as The Bronx Zoo opens its new exhibition, Dinosaur Safari.

The exhibition will take you through the woods of the zoo where 40 realistic (as in life-size) animatronic dinosaurs will roar to life providing you with perhaps the closest thing we’ll get to Jurassic Park in our lifetime.

And that’s no exaggeration given the fact that according to Time Out, the zoo has partnered with Don Lessem, a paleontologist who works at the American Museum of Natural History and actually served as an advisor to the Jurassic Park franchise of movies.

amNY writes:

“The Dinosaur Safari experience is twice the size of past Bronx Zoo dinosaur exhibits,” said Jim Breheny, the zoo’s director and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s executive vice president of Zoos and Aquarium. “Our visitors have loved experiencing these gigantic animatronic dinosaurs up close. It’s a thrilling experience and a learning one, too. Both dinosaurs and wildlife today developed adaptations that help them survive in their native habitats. This experience highlights some of those adaptive behaviors and characteristics.”

Although they’re marketing this to kids, clearly the inner kid in all of us is gonna wanna experience this so get ready for taking it waaaaay back in The Bronx from April 19th through November 3, 2019.

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Ed García Conde

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