WATCH: Man Wants to Turn His Own Private Bronx Island Into a Yoga Hotel & Retreat

Back in 2011, City Island resident Alex Schibli purchased Rat Island in an auction for a mere $176,000.

Now Schibli wants to turn the 2.5 acre rock, nestled between Hart Island and City Island into a yoga, canoeing, or fishing retreat (why choose one when all three would work perfectly).

Renderings by
Jendretzki Design + Archipx

The New York Post reports that since the purchase of the island 8 years ago, Schibli and his family has used Rat Island for family picnics and the likes.

In the renderings and video you can see 10 cabins and Schibli wants it to be eco-friendly (bonus points for that).

Jendretzki Design + Archipx

The New York Post writes:

“We are in the process of designing ideas for possible structures,” says architect Pablo Jendretski, who has teamed up with Schibli to produce renderings for the project.

The drawings show 10 self-contained wooden cabins dotted around the island and a small jetty.

Jendretzki Design + Archipx

“We designed the pods with no windows on the side for privacy, but then you have the magnificent views to the front and back,” says Jendretski, adding that the buildings would be solar-powered. Rainwater would need to be harvested for toilets and showers as there is no running water on the island.

Jendretzki Design + Archipx

As of right now there are no concrete plans to make this come to fruition but they’re hoping an investor shows up to make this project a reality.

Personally, we’re on the fence with this as we’d love to just leave the beautiful Pelham Islands as they are BUT this design is quite thoughtful and blends in with the landscape naturally so we’re not opposed to the idea.

In fact, if it were to become a reality, we know exactly where we’re going on our next staycation.

I mean you can just row over to one of City Island’s many great restaurants for some good grub!

Check out the video below:

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