Report: University Heights & Fordham Face Biggest Displacement Threat in NYC

Out of New York City’s 59 community districts, The Bronx is home to six of the top ten community districts facing the biggest threats of displacement in the city.

Out of these, Community Board 5 in The Bronx, which covers the University Heights and Fordham neighborhoods of our borough, faces the biggest threat of displacement in New York City according to the latest report from the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development.

Not surprising, the area is also home to the massive Jerome Avenue Rezoning which was approved last year despite overwhelming community opposition.

The report also indicates that a shocking number of residents are rent burdened, meaning that they are paying more than 30% of their income towards rent but no where was this higher in New York City than Community Board 5 in The Bronx.

The Jerome Avenue Rezoning is located within Community Board 5 which has the highest threat of displacement in New York City according to a new report by ANHD.

64.4% of residents in University Heights and Fordham are rent burdened and coupled with a 16% unemployment rate among a host of other issues makes this area highly vulnerable to displacement and of course gentrification.

The following Bronx community boards made the top ten list of neighborhoods facing the greatest threats for displacement in New York City:

  • Community Board 1: Melrose/Mott Haven/Port Morris
  • Community Board 3: Morrisania/Crotona
  • Community Board 4: Highbridge/Concourse
  • Community Board 5: University Heights/Fordham
  • Community Board 6: Belmont/Tremont
  • Community Board 7: Kingsbridge Heights/Bedford

Community Board 2, covering Hunts Point/Longwood, was the only South Bronx neighborhood which didn’t make the top ten list.

Community Boards 10 and 11 in the East Bronx had some of the least threats of displacement in The Bronx and New York City .

CB 8 covering Riverdale and Fieldston had the least threat of displacement in The Bronx.

You can read the full report over at ANHD’s website.

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