Bronx Teen Lucas Silverio, Hero Who Rushed Into a Burning Building to Save a Little Girl, Dies

19 year old Lucas Silverio, The Bronx hero who rushed into a burning building and rushed up 14 flights to save a little girl has succumbed to his injuries.

The Belmont teen had just helped his grandmother out of the building and decided to race back up to the little three year old girl who had gotten separated from her family during the panic of the fire which occurred this past Sunday.

Sadly the baby didn’t make it and she passed away yesterday.

Today, her would be hero died as well.

Silverio was described as a “wonderful human being,” by his cousin Jesse Alvarez according to WABC.

A quick look at his Facebook timeline showed a kid who was very interested in the environment and the threat of climate change as well as mental health awareness.

Although we never knew you, we will never forget you, Lucas. You are the true embodiment and spirit of The Bronx. You put community before your own life.

Our condolences to the families of those lost as a result of this blaze.

We’ve lost too many to the fires over the past decades and each one reopens those wounds.

Lucas Silverio in his Facebook profile picture.
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