WATCH: Bronx Woman Turns 107; Says Secret is Never Getting Married!

Gotta love our amazing Bronx women.

Louise Jean Signore celebrated her 107th birthday on Wednesday in Co-op City with close friends and family.

Born in Harlem, Signore moved to our borough when she was a child according to an interview with CBS News and she thinks she’s lived this long thanks to never marrying!

CBS News reports:

“I think the secret of 107: I never got married. I think that’s the secret. My sister says ‘I wish I never got married,’” Louise said.

Her longevity is more than luck: It runs in the family. Her sister who unfortunately couldn’t attend the party is 102.

“If they have exercise, I do the exercise. If they have dancing, I dance. I still a do a little dancing. After my lunch, I will play bingo, so I had a full day,” Louise said.

Happy birthday to one amazing woman!


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